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RONGCHENG YUKAI AQUATIC CO., LTD.was established in March 2011. Our company specially in frozen squid tubes squid ring field . located at No. 298, Jiangshang Road, Chishan Subdistrict, Rongcheng Town. also have our sales company Megarryfood International Co.,ltd in Qingdao.Our company is committed to aquatic products, and our business scale covers aquatic products' freezing, processing, and sales.

Our factory's layout is reasonable. The workshop consists of a rough workshop, a finishing workshop, a packaging area, and a cold storage room. We have an effective health and security system, such as GMP SSOP and HACCP, which are in operation all the time. Our company is specialized in carrying out supervision and inspection to make sure that health and security standards can be implemented regularly and effectively. Our laboratory has been equipped with sufficient equipment and facilities for the inspection.

The main products of our company are frozen squid tubes, frozen squid rings, frozen squid flowers, breaded squid rings, and Tang Yang squid tentacles. They are exported to Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and so on. Frozen mackerels and frozen croakers are exported to South Korea. The specifications of the products and packaging requirements can be based on customers' needs. The chairman Yang Bo together with all staff welcomes your contact.

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